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Note: For full functionality and the best experience, you will want to get the desktop application.

The new Microsoft Teams

Beginning on Sunday, March 31, Columbus State IT will be deploying the new Microsoft Teams client to all employee computers (Windows and Mac). This work is being completed in support of a Microsoft-led migration.

The new Microsoft Teams client has some minor changes and enhancements, but will continue to function the same as the classic Teams client. Teams has been giving interested users a sneak peak preview for a few months. You may have already made the switch if you clicked the Toggle in the upper left to Try the New Teams.

During the transition phase, you will have two icons in your menu. Be sure to launch the new Teams client using the icon that reads Microsoft Teams (work or school).

Teams icon with "new" badge named "Microsoft Teams (Work or school)" is highlighted. Old Teams icon named "Microsoft Teams classic" next to it for comparison

What has changed?

For a full list of changes, check out Features that are changing in the new Microsoft Teams.

For highlights, read on below.

OneDrive replaces Files

You will notice in the left-hand navigation pane, that the OneDrive app has replaced Files and now matches what you see on OneDrive in a browser.
OneDrive icon highlighted in the left-hand navigation pane

New People app

You can no longer access Contacts from chat, instead, there is a People app which you can pin to the left-hand navigation pane.

To pin, click the ellipsis, locate People, then right click on it (or control+click on a Mac) and click on Pin.
"Pin" option showing next to "People" app with an arrow to a window with People pinned

Settings and Help menu

Settings is now accessible in the ellipsis menu in the top right, next to your user icon.

Help menu has options for getting help, seeing what's new, and sending your suggestions and feedback to Microsoft.
Ellipsis menu highlighted with arrows to settings and help menus


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