What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is part of the Office 365 suite. It’s meant for teams like departments, committees or project members who want to be able to access documents and other information from any internet connected device.

Think of SharePoint like your V drive share but in the cloud and with more features. For instance, you can create custom lists to track to just about anything. Here are a few examples of what your colleagues are tracking using custom lists:

  • Trainings
  • Requests
  • Special Events
  • Inventory
  • ILG Outcomes
  • Tasks
  • Announcements

Some other features of SharePoint include:

  • custom navigation/branding
  • ability to share with external contacts
  • exclusive document editing through a mandatory document check out process
  • version history and recovery of past versions
  • email alerts
  • site analytics
  • co-authoring documents
  • organizing documents through views and metadata tagging
  • custom permissions 
  • integration with Microsoft applications like Power Automate, Forms, OneNote, Teams, and Outlook, and more!

To see more information provided by Microsoft, check out their overview and related videos here: Microsoft's SharePoint overview


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