Indexing Documents in OnBase

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  1. Launch the OnBase Unity Client.
  2. In OnBase, select Batch Processing which will be in the ribbon near the top of the page.

  3. Select CSPD Documents in the left hand pane and that will pull up all CSPD batches which will be located on the main part of the page.

  4. Left click on the batch you want to work so that it is now highlighted.  Once highlighted, Right click and select the Index documents option.

  5. In the pane on the left side, select the Document type of where you are storing these documents. Once selected, a list of fields will available to you for indexing.

  6. The document associated with these fields will be directly to the right of these fields.  (This is your chance to double check your work.)
  7. After entering the keywords that you would like attached to this document, click the Index button at the bottom of that area to submit it as a document in to the system.
  • If the documents you are indexing are more than one page, you will click the Index button after entering the keywords and any pages after that need submitted with that document, you will click the Append button.

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