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 If you are interested in using Forms please reach out to the ITSC to start the discussion on how we may best support your needs.


What is Forms?

Microsoft Forms is a simple, lightweight app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. In educational institutions, it can be used to create quizzes, collect feedback from teachers and parents, or plan class and staff activities.

Check out these short videos from Microsoft:

How to use Forms

  1. Sign in to with your Columbus State account and click on the All Apps icon in the lower left corner

  2. Select Forms to open Microsoft Forms

  3. Create a new form or create a new quiz
    Note: You can also create an advanced survey. Learn more.

  4. Adjust settings for your form or quiz

  5. Send your form or quiz to others and collect responses

  6. Check your form results or check your quiz results

 See Microsoft's Forms page for more information.
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