Blackboard: Using Kaltura Media to Share Video

What is Kaltura Media?

The Kaltura Media tool is a video platform that lets you upload original videos to submit in Blackboard. You can attach the videos to Assignment submissions, share the videos through Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and even submit videos for Exams. (Learn more in the, "How to share videos" section below.)

You may access Kaltura Media through the My Media tab in Blackboard or directly from your course.

Blackboard tabs on top of screen with "My Media" highlighted

How to use Kaltura Media

 To learn how to create/capture videos, see Using Kaltura Capture

Click on a topic below to learn more:

 Kaltura Media accepts multiple media formats, including: AVI, MOV, MKV, MP4, OGV, OGG, and WMV

  1. Click on the My Media tab at the top of the Blackboard Learn site

  2. Click on the Add New button

    Kaltura My Media screen with the "Add New" button highlighted. Add new is on the right top side of the screen.

  3. Select Media Upload

    The expanded "Add New" button showing the link for "Media Upload"

  4. Drag and drop your video file or click Choose a file to upload to select the video file from the File Upload prompt

    Kaltura Upload Media screen showing the Choose a file to upload button and drag-and-drop target

  5. While the video is uploading, scroll down to complete the details about your video:

    • Name: We recommend using something descriptive - including your course or term might be useful

    • Description: this is optional - enter any description you like

    • Tags: we strongly encourage you to at least enter your course (example “engl-1100”) and any other tags which help describe the video (“draft” or “project4”)

      View of the video uploading on the Upload Media page

  6. Click Save to keep your video details

    View of a completed upload with the Save button on the bottom highlighted

  7. Once the video has finished uploading, scroll down and click Go to My Media to view all your video files

    View of Media Upload page with "Go to My Media" link at the bottom right highlighted

There are many ways to share these videos in Blackboard. The most common ways are to attach a video to an Assignments or add a video to your Discussion Board post. Regardless of how you submit your video, you will use the same Content Editor and follow these steps:

  1. Create a New Submission on a Discussion Board, Blog, Assignment, Exam, etc

For Assignments, click the Write Submission button for the Content Editor to appear

  1. Click on the plus button on the Content Editor

    View of th Blackboard content editor with the Mashups button highlighted on the third row of options

 If you only see one row of buttons on the Editor, as shown below, click the ellipsis button at the far right of the Editor to show the full list

View of the Content Editor with the rows collapsed. Click the arrow button on the far right to expand.

  1. Select Kaltura Media

    View of the expanded Mashups button, showing the Kaltura Media link

  2. A pop-up window will display listing all of the videos in My Media

    View of My Media showing all videos

  3. Locate the video you wish to share

  4. Click the Select button beside the right video

    View of the My Media screen, highlighting the Select button

  5. The video is now part of your Submission as shown below

     View of the Content Editor with the video embedded. The video is represented by a yellow rectangle.

  6. Repeat Step 2 through Step 7 if you have more than one video

  7. Continue to create your Submission like you normally would

You can manage your video files in the My Media tab at the top of the Blackboard Learn site

View of the My Media tab. Item 1 shows the search/filter options on the top left. Item 2 shows the edit and delete buttons beside each video on the right; Item 3 shows the information next to the each video

  1. Search or Filter to find a specific video or group of videos

  2. Edit or Delete a specific video

  3. Information about your video, including:

    1. Title (example: “Project 3”)

    2. Description (example: “This is my draft submission for Project 3”)

    3. Status

      1. Published: shared with a class

      2. Private: not shared with anyone

    4. Tags (example: “engl-1100 project3 draft”)

    5. Your Role (example: Owner or Collaborator)

    6. Uploaded Date (example: March 20th, 2020)


For Faculty

Faculty can refer to instructor resources available from DEIS. See the Kaltura section of their knowledge base for more.

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