Blackboard: Using Kaltura Media to Share Video


Provides an overview for students in using Kaltura to upload videos to submit in Blackboard for Assignments, Discussion Board posts, and more


What is Kaltura Media?

The Kaltura Media tool is a video platform that lets you upload original videos to submit in Blackboard. You can attach the videos to Assignment submissions, share the videos through Discussion Boards, Blogs, Journals, and even submit videos for Exams. (Learn more in the, "How to share videos" section below.)

How do I access Kaltura Media?

You may access Kaltura Media in Blackboard by clicking on Tools on the left, then  My Media.

Blackboard tabs on top of screen with "My Media" highlighted

How do I use Kaltura Media?

Note: to learn how to create / capture videos, see Using Kaltura Capture


Click on a topic below to learn more:


Faculty may also want to refer to instructor resources available from DEIS. See the Kaltura section of their knowledge base for more.



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