Blackboard Collaborate Not Loading

Allow 3rd Party Cookies



People using Chrome or Firefox may be unable to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from within Blackboard Learn (their course). 
Instead of the Collaborate session information loading, you see a perpetual purple circle on a dark background.  Nothing ever loads.



Chrome is blocking the ability for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to load from within Blackboard by rejecting 3rd party cookies and internal storage.



Allow cookies for

For instructions, select your browser below:

  1. Go into the Chrome cookie settings: chrome://settings/content/cookies?search=cookies
  2. Click Add beside Allow (toward the bottom of the screen)

  3. Enter and click Add
    This allows your browse to accept cookies and local storage data from the Collaborate server

  4. Now you should see it listed under Allow

  5. Go back to Blackboard Collaborate, this time it should load
  1. In Firefox, go to about:preferences#privacy 

    1. Either: Switch it to Standard or Strict and Click Reload All Tabs

    2. Or: If you want to keep it on Custom, and Cookies is set to "All third-party cookies (may causes website to break)", then
      1. Scroll down to the "Cookies and Site Data" section and click Manage Permissions 

      2. Add (or the appropriate location URL) and click Allow 
      3. Make sure it appears in the box below, then click Save Changes

Allow HTML 5 Web Socket Connections



People using any browser may be unable to access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from within Blackboard Learn (their course) or via a guest link. Instead of the Collaborate session information loading, you receive an error message: "Uh-oh! We're unable to connect you to the session. Try reconnecting or contacting the session administrator. Failure Code: J10"  This most likely occurs when you are accessing the Collaborate session from a school or office network or while on a company VPN.

J10 error screen shot



The network is blocking HTML 5 web socket connections.



Please have your local network administrator test to see if HTML 5 Web Socket connections are permitted on your network by following these instructions: HTML 5 Web Socket Test 
You can also try accessing Collaborate Ultra from another network (coffee shop, local library, cellular hotspot) on the same computer.  If you are able to access Collaborate from another network, then this indicates that the school or workplace network firewall configuration is most likely the cause of the J10 or J11 error message that you are receiving.

The J10 and J11 error message almost always happen when a user is accessing from a school or work network.  However, if you are at home when this happens, please follow these instructions: Home networking troubleshooting tips


 For further support or troubleshooting, contact the IT Support Center
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