Other Microsoft Software through Azure (formerly ELMS)

Microsoft Azure (Formerly Imagine / Elms.cscc.edu) does not include Microsoft Office - go to related article Install Microsoft Office 365 for Office install instructions.

Access Microsoft Azure

  1. Go to the Azure Portal: http://azureforeducation.microsoft.com/devtools
  2. Click Sign in, then log in with your Columbus State Email address and Password
  3. Click on the Software tab to view available software
    Note: the software you can see/download will depend on your course enrollment

  4. Look for the software in the list, or use the Search box to search for the software you want
  5. When you find the correct software, click on the name and a panel will appear to the right

  6. Click Download to download the installer
  7. While you are waiting for it to download, if there is a View Key button, click that to geth the Product Key you will use when installing the software
  8. When the installer downloads, run the installer and follow the prompts
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Active Columbus State students and employees have access to Microsoft Office for free on your personal devices. Downloading Office will allow you to have access to popular applications, like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint even when you are offline.