Install Jabber: Android


How to install, sign in, setup, and sign out of Jabber on Android devices


For more information on Jabber or how to use it, see the related articles.

Install Jabber

  1. On your Android device, get the Cisco Jabber app 
    Alternatively, you can open the Play Store on your device then search for Cisco Jabber
    play store icon
  2. Tap Install
    Cisco Jabber in Play store
  3. Once the installation is complete, tap Open
  4. Read the notices and license terms and tap Accept

  5. Swipe left on the info screens and then tap Get Started
    example of info screens
    Blue button that says "Get Started"
  6. Cisco Jabber will ask you the following series of questions (Bold answers must be selected to make calls)
    1. Allow Cisco Jabber to access your contacts? - Click Deny - This syncs with your contacts on your phone and has been know to cause issues using the CSCC directory in Jabber
    2. Allow Cisco Jabber to record audio? - Select either Deny or Allow
    3. Allow Cisco Jabber to make and manage phone calls? - Select Allow
    4. Allow Cisco Jabber to access photos, media, and files on your device? - Select either Deny or Allow
    5. If you have battery power saving settings turned on for your phone, Select Exclude to have it exclude this app

Jabber setup

Using Jabber

For details on using Jabber, see the article: Using Jabber: Phone or Tablet

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