Microsoft 365: How to Update Microsoft Software

Updates need to be run regularly to make sure any known security risks are fixed. You can use Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to complete these updates. In this example, we used Microsoft Word.

  1. In the top left, click File.
    top left corner of Microsoft Word with File button highlighted
  2. In the bottom left, select Account.
  3. Choose Update Options > Update Now.
    File menu in Word with a '2' next to the Account menu in the lower left, and a 3 next to "update options" button.
  4. Save your work and close any Office applications that you have open.  The system will prompt you if you forget.  After you close them, you can continue.
    message box telling you to save work and close Microsoft Office applications
  5. A window like this will remain open during the Updates.
    message box showing update progress bar.
  6. When the update is complete, your Office applications will restart and a window like this will appear.
    message box saying "updates were installed" you can open Office apps now.

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