Accessing iPhone images on a Windows PC

What are HEIC and HEIF files?

 They are file formats which iOS devices default to using for photos and videos.

You may notice that pictures, videos, or screenshots taken on an iPhone or iPad, have file names ending with the extension: .HEIC or .HEIF.

How can I work with HEIC and HEIF files on Windows?

These file formats are no problem on a Mac, however, when using a Windows computer you may run into issues trying to work with photos take from an iOS device. To address these issues, there are a couple of codecs that will allow Windows devices to read and open these files, and they can be found in the Microsoft Store.

How do I install the codecs?

  1. The first codec needed is: HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer
    Microsoft store showing HEVC video extensions from device manufacturer
  2. The second codec is: HEIF Image Extensions
    Microsoft store showing HEIF image extensions
  3. When you click these links, a new tab will open in your web browser.
  4. Near the top of this tab, click Get in Store app and wait for the Microsoft Store app to open.
  5. From here, click the option to Install these apps.
  6. Once both apps have been installed, Windows should now be able to open the HEIC and HEIF files.
  7. Save the files into a more universal format, such as PDF or JPEG.

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