Creating Data Backups when leaving CSCC

What happens to my Office 365 mailbox and records when I leave Columbus State?

Depending on your status (Employee or Student) your mailbox will remain open for a period of time (see below for details).

Before you leave Columbus State, you must take all the data you want to keep and save it to personal devices. You should also transfer ownership or grant access rights to data that you own but that will remain at Columbus State for others before you leave.

 Please respect FERPA, HIPAA, personal identifiable information, intellectual property rights, and other privacy rules when taking files/data with you from the College.  Some data may require permission


Eligibility for your College provided email account will end two years after graduation or after two-years of non-enrollment. If you continue to take courses, your account closes two years after completion of your last class.  If you become employed at the College before the two years are over, your account will remain open.

Notifications will be sent before the account closes to provide time to create a new account elsewhere and move messages and records.


Account for faculty and staff remain open but are disabled following the official separation of the employee.  After separation for 90 days the former employee login accounts and associated records are deleted.  The Office 365 mailbox, OneDrive, and SharePoint will be deleted after the 90 days.

Create your backups

Follow these instructions to backup your email and files.

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