Security: Check email quarantine

Access email quarantine

You can check the quarantine by signing in to:

These messages were quarantined because they were classified as malware, spam, phishing, or bulk, or because of a mail flow rule (transport rule) in your organization. Review the messages and decide whether you want to release them to one or more of the intended recipients.


Review quarantined emails

Any quarantined messages will load in a list so you can view information about them, such as time received, subject, and sender. 

If you see an email / sender you recognize, you can Preview message to take a closer look, or Release the email to allow it to go through to your Outlook inbox.  


Secondary email account

If you have access to a secondary CSCC mailbox, you also have the ability to check that.

To add another account:

  1. On the right side of the quarantine page, click the Filter  button.
  2. In Recipient address field, type in the secondary mailbox account name.
  3. Click Apply.
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