One Device: Purpose and Expectations

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One Device - Purpose

The general intent of One Device kit is to replace all computer equipment issued to a single employee with a single computing device, including peripherals, regardless of work location.

  • Columbus State is no longer issuing a desktop PC unless the device is to be used on-campus only.
  • Employees will no longer receive both a desktop and a laptop.
  • Laptop specifications are set up to match or exceed the desktop specifications, so performance should not be a concern.


One Device "Kit"

  • The One Device Kit includes the following:
    • Windows laptop
    • Monitors (up to 2 based on inventory)
    • Docking station (dock)
    • USB (wired) keyboard
    • Wireless mouse
    • USB headset

To learn more, see One Device: Kit Setup


Laptop Expectations

  • The employees will bring their laptop with them where they work.
    • If they work at home, the device will be at home; if they work in the office, the device should be used in the office.
  • Requests to have equipment both at home and at work will be considered on an exception basis.
    • Exceptions can be approved through the CIO’s office with a sufficient business justification; most exceptions are going to be related to the above special consideration’s category, such as, security related needs or a special accommodation.
  • The standard laptop may be fitted with a built-in Ethernet (hard-wire/network) port;  if your laptop does not have a built-in Ethernet port, you can use the docking station or a RJ45 Ethernet adapter for your Lenovo laptop model.  The laptop should be hard-wired to the network when on campus.
    • please avoid using Wi-Fi on campus when possible.
    • The Wi-Fi network has some security restrictions, as well as performance limitations (by design).
    • Most on-campus laptop issues will be fixed by hard-wiring into the network.


Docking Stations (Dock)

  • A dock will allow employees to connect external monitor(s), Ethernet cable, keyboard, and wired mice and USB headset to the laptop with only  the one (1) USB-C cable.
  • The dock should be located where it is needed or used most.  This will typically be where the monitors are located, as the laptop has a single video port, so the dock is needed for the purpose of connecting two external monitors (with the laptop display).
  • The only special case is if the employee opted for the smaller laptop format. as the size and weight precludes the device from having a built-in network port, so the dock may be travelling with the laptop in this case.



  • The kit includes up to two monitors, the quantity provided is based on the need and what has already been issued.
  • The employee can, at their preference, use both monitors in the office, both at home, one at the office and one at home, or none.
    • It is not an option to have three or four external monitors.
    • Excess monitors will be picked up, as the teams will perform post-pandemic inventory work and reconcile issued equipment with expected locations and counts.



  • The kit also includes a wired keyboard, wireless mouse and USB headset.
    • The recommendation is the wired keyboard be used with the docking station
    • The wireless mouse can be used at either location, but each employee will only be issued one (1) wireless mouse.
    • The USB headset can also be used at either location, but only one (1) will be issued.

Other Related Details

  • We are no longer issuing a desktop unless the device will be used on-campus only and will remain on campus;  this normally applies if an employee will not be working a hybrid schedule, but only from the office.
  • Employees will no longer receive both a desktop and a laptop and/or tablet unless an exception is approved by the CIO's office.  Once an employee receives a new One Device laptop kit, the team will collect the Office desktop PC so that the employee will have the single One Device kit.
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