Extron Control Panel and Projector

The Extron control panel controls the audio/visual equipment in Columbus State Community College’s smart classrooms.

  • The control panel is sometimes located on the instructor station desk and sometimes on the wall behind the instructor station.

  • The panel works like a remote control for the mounted data projector making it easy to turn the projector on and off and to switch displays.

    Ceiling Mounted data projector.
  • The buttons on the panel light up to show what is currently selected, and how loud the volume is set.

  1. Display: [ON] [OFF] - Turn the projector on or off.
    If blinking, please wait. It takes about 30 seconds to power on or off. Input cannot be changed until this stops blinking.
  2. Volume: This knob controls the volume of the speakers in the room, independent of the computer volume.
    If you have trouble with the volume check this knob AND the computer (or other source) volume.
  3. Input Source: [PC] [LAPTOP] [DOC CAM] (Older versions may also have [DVD VCR]) - Select what you would like projected to the screen.
    Input cannot be changed until the ON button stops blinking.
  4. [AV MUTE] - Will black out the screen and mute the audio without turning off the projector.
    Pressing it again will toggle it back on.

Please remember to log off the computer, unmute, and properly turn off the projector when finished.

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