Document Camera [Elmo TT-12]

Elmo TT-12

If your room has a document camera that looks a bit different than this, check out the article for the Elmo LX1 / L1.


How to use a document camera

If a classroom has a document camera, it will generally be located on top of the instructor station.

To learn how to send the image from a document camera to the projector, see Extron Control Panel and Projector.


Document Camera Buttons



  1. Use to display the Laptop or Computer input
  2. Use to Capture the image to SD Card of USB Drive
  3. Use to Display the contents of an SD Card or USB Drive
  4. View the Live Camera Display
  5. Increase Brightness
  6. Decrease Brightness
  7. Light switch - used to brighten live display



Camera Inputs and Outputs

Cable jacks left to right: power, audio out, HDMI out, HDMI in, VGA out, VGA in, USB





The camera can twist on the base
and rotate up and down.









Point the camera down to show a document, or point it at you to use as a web cam.



twist the zoom knob on the end to zoom in or out. Press the Auto-focus button on the end to focus the image after zooming.

 For print-friendly instructions for using the Elmo TT-12, see attached Quick Start Guide

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