Data Storage: Best Practices

Where should I store my important files?

Cloud Storage (recommended)

Cloud storage means using a program like OneDrive or SharePoint to save your data to the cloud and access it from any device anywhere. Can integrate easily with Teams.

OneDrive -
Personal Storage
Store your own files and folders here. These can be shared with others, but for files requiring team collaboration, SharePoint is preferred.
SharePoint -
Shared Storage
Easily share files and folders here to collaborate smoothly with coworkers.

Network Storage (recommended)

Network storage means using the Columbus State provided storage space: Home Directory (S:) and Share Directory (V:). Learn more by choosing the relevant article below.

Local Storage (not recommended)

Saving locally to your computer's Desktop, Documents, or Downloads folder has been common practice, but it is not the recommended way to save files for several reasons:

  • Your computer can crash causing you to lose your important work.
  • You have to remember to back up important data regularly to prevent any major loss.
  • When you are away from your computer and need access to something you were working on, you won't have it.
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