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What is the New Meeting Experience?

Teams has a new meeting and calling experience for the desktop app that is available to all users now, you can enable it by turning on the New Meeting Experience in Teams. This includes many exciting features including a large gallery view that allows you to see up to 49 video streams at one time! You can use the new meeting experience in meetings even if the other people in the meeting don't have it enabled.

Currently, this new experience is only available in the desktop app (Windows or macOS). Learn how to download and install the app in the article: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

New Meeting Experience features

  • Any calls and meetings will pop out into their own window, separate from the main Teams window.

  • Meeting and call controls are docked at the top of the call or meeting making them easily accessible without blocking the content being shared.

  • Leave the meeting or use the new drop-down to end the call for everyone (if you are the meeting organizer).
  • Meeting options in participants pane- now you can make everyone wait in lobby to be let in (even other employees).
  • New Views are available in the meeting by click the More options (…) menu including:
    • Large gallery view- 7x7 video- See up to 49 video streams at one time with Large gallery view. Shows as an option when you have 10 or more participants with video enabled.

    • Together mode- Uses AI technology to make you feel like you are all in the same room in a meeting or class. (Must have at least 5 meeting participants to use this.)

      Microsoft says Together Mode makes meetings “more engaging by helping you focus on other people’s faces and body language and making it easier to pick up on the nonverbal cues that are so important to human interaction.” This will be useful for brainstorming, group discussions, or instructors who want a virtual meeting that resembles a traditional classroom.

    • Focus mode- Hide all video streams so you can pay attention to content being shared without the distraction of people’s video feeds or profile photos.


Other recent feature developments in the desktop app that you may have missed: 

  • Attendance tracking- see who attended your meeting (entry and exit times are included)
  • Live captions- autogenerated captions to promote accessibility
  • Choose or blur background- choose a virtual background or blur your current one

See What's New in Teams? for more details on these features.

Coming soon

  • Dynamic View- gives you more control of traditional video meetings by letting you choose what is being shared; select content and specific participants to share side by side.
  • Breakout rooms- Assign participants to a room for small group discussion; call back to main room when breakout is complete.
  • Live reactions- respond with emojis that are show up for all participants.
  • Video filters- before your meeting subtly adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera.
  • Updates to Whiteboard – faster load times, sticky notes, text, and drag and drop making it easier to use the Whiteboard without a touchscreen.
  • Increase number or participants- will be growing to support up to 1,000 participants.
  • Speaker attribution for live captions- making it easier to see who is speaking.

Watch this Teams Preview from Microsoft to see the new features in action:


Past Changes

Check out other recently added features in the article: What's new in Teams?


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