How to create different Views for different folders

Say you have a Document Library with nested folders and you want different folders to display different metadata.  For instance, you have a document library with a folder called Division then a nested folder called Department.  When in the Division folder you only want to see the document name and division name.  When in the Department folder you only want to see the document name and department name.

If you don't know how to create a View, please see the article titled Creating a Standard View in Classic SharePoint.



  1. On the SharePoint site, click the Settings button (Gear icon), and then click Site Settings.
  2. Under Site Actions, click Manage Site Features.
  3. Activate the Metadata Navigation and Filtering feature.



  1. Locate the Library Settings of the document library in question.
  2. Click Per-Location View Settings.
  3. Change the folders to have the default views that you want.



  1. Go back to Library Settings for that library, and then click Metadata navigation settings.
  2. Add Folders and Content Type to the Selected Hierarchy Fields box, and then click OK.


Now, when you locate the document library, you see a tree view on the left. You can see the views based on locations by clicking the folders from the tree view only. These views will not show when you click the items in the library view on the main part of the page.

To activate the tree view for the whole site collection (so that it's always displayed in the left navigation), follow these steps:

  1. Locate Site Settings.
  2. Click Navigation Elements, and then select the Enable Tree View check box


Microsoft Resource: Per-location view settings don't work at the folder level

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