Windows: Projector is not showing the computer screen

Duplicate display

To show the instructor station computer screen on the projector screen, follow these steps:

  1. On the keyboard, hold down Windows + P  to open the Display Toolbar (shown below)
  2. Select Duplicate to clone your screen onto the projector screen.
    Windows and 'P' keys followed by "Duplicate" display option

More on the Display Toolbar

screenshot of display toolbar

Display options

What they do

Computer only Shows image on the computer only, not the projector.
Duplicate Connects computer screen to the projector, displaying the same image on both.
Extend Makes the projector screen an extra monitor, so you can move windows and applications between them to display on one or the other
Projector only Turns off your computer's screen and turns the projector into your monitor.

Classroom Support Hotline:

If a technology issue disrupts your class or meeting, please call for immediate assistance: 614-287-HELP (4357)
To learn more, see the article on Classroom Technology Support.

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