Attend a Teams Live Event

What is a Teams Live Event?

A Teams Live Event allows you to broadcast video and meeting content to large online audiences. It is similar to Livestream, but with more functionality. You can attend a live event and/or view the recording later.

It should be used for events where the host is providing information and audience participation is primarily viewing the content shared.

Attend or watch a live event

 Watch Microsoft Resource: Join a Live Event (1 min video)

  1. Click the live event link that was provided to you.
  2. You will see different instructions for signing in depending on whether you join from the Teams app or watch on the webbut the Teams live event will look the same from both options.

  3. Sign in with your Columbus State email address ( and password.
  4. If the live event has not started yet, you will see the message “The live event hasn't started”.

  5. Once the event begins, the controls at the bottom allow you to have some control over the video.
    1. On the left, you can Pause the video and adjust the volume.
    2. The dot in the middle can be used to rewind or fast-forward the video by dragging it backwards or forwards.
    3. Controls on the right:
      •  Toggle Closed Captioning 
      •  Change Video Settings - such as Playback Speed and Video Quality 
      • Arrows - Toggle Full Screen



 To watch a live event later, use the same link to access the recording.


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