Create a Digital ID in Adobe Acrobat Pro

A Digital ID or Digital Signature can be created and used for e-signing documents to submit digitally.

First, make sure you open the fillable pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you need to install it, see these directions for installing Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, which allows you to then install Acrobat Pro.

Then click the headings below to view full instructions:

  1. When you have a PDF open that needs to be signed digitally, in the box where the signature goes, there will be a red mark. Click this mark to get started creating the signature.

  2. If you have not created a signature, you will see this dialog. Click Configure Digital ID.

     Note: If you have already created a digital signature, the above screen will not appear. Skip to step 6 to select the signature and enter the password.
  3. Then select Create a new Digital ID.

  4. Then select Save to File.

  5. The next screen will allow you to enter the information that will show in the signature, simply fill in the blanks. The last 3 fields will already be set and do not need to be changed.

  6. Now you will be prompted to select the location where the signature will be saved, and you will be prompted to create a password. The default location to save the signature will be in your user profile in Windows. Click Browse and change it to your network drive so you can access it later. 

     Note: The password is stored in the file, and there is no way to access it if you forget what it is. If you do ever forget your password, you will need to create a new signature.
  7. The signature has now been created, and it can be applied to the document. Select it from the list and click Continue. 

  8. Type in the password and click Sign. This will bring up a save dialog box that allows you to choose the location where the signed document will be saved.

  1. When on a computer that has not had the signature used before, pick Use a Digital ID from a file, and click Continue.

  2.  You can browse to the S: and select the file. You will also need to enter the password for the signature. This is the same password you set up when you created the signature. Click Continue when done.

  3. A dialog comes up asking you to verify that you want to have the Digital ID added to your list for digitally signing. Confirm the ID had the correct details and click Continue. Then you will be able to use the Digital ID.

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