Network Drives: Using your Network Storage Space

Students and employees have access to network storage drives in order to access their files from office or lab computers as well as at from home through a browser. (Be sure to log in so you can view the article.)


Network drives for students and employees


Student Network Drive

  • Student Home Directory (B:) - all students have access to their own, private B drive storage.


Employee Network Drives

  • Home Directory (S:) -  all employees have 10 GB of storage space, no one else will be able to view these files.
  • Share Directory (V:) - to allow you to share files and folders with coworkers, 


Benefits of storing documents on a network drive

  • Network drives are backed up regularly - your computer is not. If your computer crashes, files stored locally may be lost
  • You can access network drives from home - you cannot access files on your local computer when you are away from campus, and some lab computers refresh and any files saved on them will be lost
  • Files in the Share Directory (V:) can be shared with coworkers


Copying files to a network drive

There are many different ways to get your files to your network drive. You can use whatever method you prefer. 

 Common locations to have files stored locally are Desktop, Documents, and Downloads. Be sure to check both of these folders for important documents.


Method 1) Send To

PRO: This method is really easy to use. 

CON: You can only send files or folders to the main S: drive, you cannot choose a folder within the drive. This method should not be used for the V: drive.

  1. Select the document(s) you would like to send to your Network drive

  2. Right click and go to Send to > Home Directory (S:) 

  3. The computer will copy the document(s) over


Method 2) Drag & Drop

PRO: You can save files and folders to specific locations within your network drives.

CON: Trickier to do than the "Send to" method.

To copy files from your Desktop to a folder with your Home or Share Directory 

  1. Open up two Windows Explorer windows next to each other
  2. In the first, go to Desktop and select all the files or folders you want to copy over
  3. In the second, click on This PC > Home Directory (or Share Directory) and browse so you can see the location where you want to send the files (in the image below, it's being sent to a folder called delaware campus)
  4. Then click on any of the selected documents, hold the mouse button down and drag the file(s) over to the destination folder
  5. Then let go of the mouse button to "drop" the files and copy them over


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