Autodesk Licensing for Commercial Use

AutoDesk licensing

Autodesk licenses are now free for educational use, and paid for commercial use.

Both types of licenses must be renewed annually - notifications will be sent via email when the license is about to expire.


Educational license (non-commercial)

Educational (course work, teaching, or learning) use of any Autodesk software is free to all employees and students with an account.


Commercial license

Commercial (supporting the college from an administrative standpoint) use requires IT to assign a license to your Autodesk account.

  1. To set up a commercial account, first complete the account registration with Autodesk (see: Autodesk Software for Education).
  2. Next, submit a licensing request to IT to assign a commercial license.
  • If a commercial license is not available, one will need to be purchased and the cost is annual to be discussed with the POC.



If you are not sure if a license usage falls under commercial or educational, please contact the IT Support Center. Contact information and hours can be found on the IT Help Homepage.

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