Although TD is based in IT Support Services, it is available to any department on campus interested in an application set up, that assists that department in organizing, documenting, and managing departmental work activities, whether projects or departmental tickets.


The TD Portal is a 'client self-service' web area that provides access to services provided by campus departments who have a ticketing application in the TeamDynamix system.

Through the portal, departmental service information is easily distributed, received, reviewed, and requested. The portal can be customized to provide and receive department service requests from students, faculty, and/or staff.

Each participating department has a landing page, in which their services are explained and a link to their specific work request form(s) is provided.

Not to be considered a replacement for our CSCC website, the TD Service Portal is available specifically for TeamDynamix users who are utilizing the system as a more efficient, easy client access, work request intake process.

ABOUT TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix, TD for short, is the project management  application tool, used by many departments on campus to document, manage, and report out on campus-wide and departmental projects, as well as, operational work activities.

The first project was entered in the TeamDynamix system in January of 2008.

Since that time the system has been used to successful complete over 300 projects, which includes campus-wide and departmental projects.

Our goal then, as it remains today, is to assist campus departments in utilizing the TD tool to successfully manage project information and work activities from entry into the system, to project completion.

TD Service Catalog

The TD Service Catalog is an organized listing of services provided for our campus community, by participating CSCC campus departments. Using the TeamDynamix system, as an efficient way to receive and distribute service information, each service request is specific to the department providing the requested service.

Check below for links to participating department pages and the services they provide.

TD Work Requests and Information 

Current Participating Departments Include:


Dual Credit-College Credit Plus [CC+]

IT Support Services [Teamdynamix System]

Legal Department

Marketing & Communication

President's Office

Student Academic Success [SAS]