Department Testing Request

Prior approval is needed to have a departmental exam administered by the Testing Center. This form is filled out by an instructor who would like to have his, or her departmental exams administered in the Testing Center. On this form, the instructor provides the guidelines of how the exam is to be administered to the student. Exams will not be accepted without a completed form. If information is missing from the form, the administration of exams to students may be delayed.

1. Exam Cover Page

Should have instructor’s name, course name and number, exam name/number, and synonym(s) number. We attach this form to the paper copy of the test, in case there are any technical issues that prevent the student from taking it on blackboard.

Instructor(s): If it is a team taught course, have all instructor’s names. We will then circle the name so it goes to the correct instructor.

Exam Name/Number: We need the exam name/number, to avoid confusion if student is taking more than one exam in the same class.

Answer Format: It cannot be specified as online, or Blackboard since it is attached to paper exams only. E.g. Scantron (50 or 100), essay booklet, write answers on exam, etc.

Page Number: It’s to make sure the student receives the entire test.  We ask that the page numbers include the cover page as well, since it is attached to the test.

Time Limit: Time limit left blank/open will default to 2 hours.

 To open the Exam Cover page, click HERE . After you have filled in the Cover Page, save it, and be sure to upload it in the Attachment section when you are filling in the Request form.

2. Paper Test

For paper and pencil as well as Blackboard exams, in case there are technical issues that prevent the students from taking it on Blackboard.

3. Blackboard/online assessment testing sheet

This form provides information to students on how to access an instructor's exam through Blackboard. Instructors will fill out the top portion of the form with their name, course name and number and 5-digit synonym(s), exam name, and current semester. Additional instructions will be needed in the directions students will follow to access their exam. This information is provided by you as well. 

  Blackboard Testing - Information Sheet (.docx)

  SNAP Assessment - Information Sheet (.docx)

  ALEKS Assessment - Information Sheet (.docx)

NOTE: No Saturday as exam deadline dates. Faculty are encouraged to use Monday through Friday as deadline dates and refrain from having the last day to test on a Saturday.





7:00 PM


4:00 PM


3:30 PM

** Campus Closings: The Testing Center adheres to the College’s academic-year calendar closings.

NOTE: If you need assistance using Blackboard to administer your exams, please contact Faculty Assistance Center at 614-287-5991 or 

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