macOS: CSCC Self-Service App


Software catalog for CSCC-owned Apple computers. It allows users to install, update, and troubleshoot software


What is CSCC Self Service?CSCC self service icon

All Columbus State owned and managed Macs will have an application called CSCC Self Service, which is a software catalog for macOS computers. It allows you to install, update, and troubleshoot software.

How do I use CSCC Self Service?

You can search or browse the list for applications to install yourself, or find troubleshooting information or support.


Search (in the search bar at the top left) for certain applications. Be sure to log in so you can see everything available to you. Note: IT technicians may be able to see some advanced features you cannot see if they log into Self Service on your computer.


Browse by category, such as: Featured, App Store, Software, or Support.

CSCC Self Service app with arrow pointing to the search bar at the top and log in at the bottom. The Browse section and all it's categories are highlighted

Note: To see all available software, log in using the button on the lower left.

Featured apps

IT Help

Click on IT Help Home in the top menu at any time to view IT Support hours and contact information.
To learn more about using the IT Help Homepage, see the article on Remote and In-Person Support.



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