Blackboard: Set up your Profile


How to set up your profile and personal preferences in Blackboard


Access your profile

You can access your Blackboard Profile page by clicking your name in the menu on the left:

Blackboard with user's name selected on the left to show their profile page

Edit profile

On this page, you can edit your profile information and settings. Note that some of the information, such as name and email address, is pulled from other systems and cannot be edited here.

How do I change my name or pronouns? Your name or pronouns can be changed in your Self-Service User Profile. For more details, see the page: Chosen Names. 

  • Add pronunciation - help others know how to say your name
  • Set Notifications - adjust your stream, email, or push (pop-up) notifications
  • Upload a personal image - watch this short video, starting at 0:29, showing how to edit your profile image:



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