Document Camera [Elmo LX1 / L1]

Elmo LX1 / L1

If your room has a document camera that looks a bit different than this, check out the article for the Elmo TT-12.


If a classroom has a document camera, it will generally be located on top of the instructor station.


Document Camera Buttons

  1. Power On/Off - Blue=On, Red=Off
  2. Rotate – each press will rotate image 90°
  3. Lower Brightness - use if document is too light
  4. Raise Brightness - use if document is too dark
  5. Light – will toggle a small light next to lens
  6. Auto Focus – focus will automatically adjust to document
  7. Menu - will access advanced tools



Camera Inputs and Outputs

DC IN 5V – Power

USB – Allows camera to be accessed on the PC

HDMI – Output to projector

RGB – VGA output


**Note – Hybrid classrooms only use USB output to PC. All other standard smart classrooms use HDMI output




The camera can be rotated for different views or angles.



Use the black knob on top to zoom in or out.


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