Degree Audit

Run a degree audit

1. Select Degree Audit in Self-Service
academics drop-down menu expanded to show degree audit option, with an arrow pointing to a preview of the degree audit site

2. Select the program to audit

If you've already declared your major, select it in the Run Declared Programs section. Otherwise, click Select a Different Program then choose your program from the drop down menus.

3. PDF audit

In order to save a pdf of your degree audit, select Click to view available options next to Advanced options at the bottom, then change the Format to PDF AUDIT.

4. Run the audit

Click Run Declared/Different Programs at the bottom.

5. Save the PDF

In order to save the PDF to your device, click Download PDF Audit.

To learn more about degree audits, take a look at the User Guide on the My Academic Plan and Degree Audit website 

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