Wi-Fi: Connect on Mac Computer

  1. Select the Wi-Fi icon in the upper-right
  2. Choose CSCC

  3. Log in with your CSCC username and password
  4. Verify the security certificate and click Continue

  5. If prompted, enter your computer password to save the changes

    You are now connected to CSCC secure wireless


If something is going wrong, or you're just not able to connect, try removing CSCC from preferred networks and reconnecting to CSCC.

To do this:

Click on your wireless networks icon, and select Open Network Preferences


Select Wi-Fi on the left, and click Advanced... at the bottom right


  1. Click the Wi-Fi tab

  2. Under Preferred Networks, select each profile listed as CSCC 

  3. Click the minus () sign

  4. Click the OK button at the bottom


  5. Click Apply within the Network system preference window.

  6. Close out of the network preferences window


  7. Go back to the top of this page, and try connecting to the CSCC Wi-Fi again


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