Getting Started with your WebEx Account

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If you have a WebEx account, here is a list of items you can try to get comfortable using it.

1. Log

  • Go to Click Sign in then log in using your Columbus State username and password. 
  • You must have a WebEx account to login and host meetings. You do not need a WebEx account to participate in a meeting.
    picture of landing page for with Sign In button highlighted


2. Explore the WebEx Meeting Center:

  • Navigate the website, especially the Home screen, to see what options you have. Notice you can start, join, or schedule a meeting.

image of main webex screen

Schedule a meeting

Start or join a meeting

3. Download the Desktop app:

  • This will allow for full- functionality when you are hosting a meeting.

4. Start a Meeting:

  • See what the inside of a meeting looks like. Practice makes perfect!

5. Invite a colleague:

  • Have someone join you. Click the ellipsis (…) button in your meeting and choose Invite and remind. They will receive an invite to join you (no account required).

6. Connect your audio:

  • Make sure that your audio works. Can you hear your participants? Can they hear you?

7. Test out your meeting options:

  • Use the graphic below to help you explore your options in WebEx.

Hosting a Meeting - Try it!

  1. Mute or unmute your microphone (Mic icon is red with line through it when muted)
  2. Start or stop your video if you have a webcam (Video icon is red with line through it when muted)
  3. Share allows you to present your desktop, files, or applications with the group
  4. Record your meeting so you can reference it later
  5. Use Emojis to share your reaction
  6. Leave or end the meeting
  7. View participants list to see who is there or manage microphones
  8. View the chat box and use it to message your participants

 Learn more about hosting your WebEx meeting here: Hosting a WebEx meeting


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