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What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is a helpful tool for hosting virtual meetings. Columbus State does have a limited number of host accounts available to employees, so there are other preferred tools for video conferencing (like Teams for instance) that have many of the same features available. 

WebEx meetings can be attended with or without an account. Only meeting hosts are required to have an account. 


Participate in WebEx Meeting

A WebEx account is not required to participate in a meeting.

 Joining a WebEx Meeting  - Has details about being a participant with or without an account.  Hosts can share the article with participants who are new to WebEx.


Schedule or Host a Meeting

A WebEx account is required to host a meeting.

WebEx Guide

 Getting Started with WebEx  - This Guide will tell you how to Log in to WebEx, Start a Meeting, Connect your Audio, download the desktop app, and more.

More information on Hosting

 Inside the WebEx Meeting Center - Account Management features; Scheduling, starting, or joining a meeting; Using your personal room

 Hosting a WebEx meeting - How to effectively host a WebEx meeting

Managing your WebEx recordings- How to manage your recorded videos in WebEx


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