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What is WebEx?

Cisco WebEx is a helpful tool for hosting virtual meetings, especially when external contacts are involved. There are other preferred tools for inter-employee communication like Teams; however, WebEx may be necessary if you have individuals who have a computer to view content, but do not have a headset. It does have a call-in option so attendees can use their phone for audio. A mobile app is also available. 

WebEx can be used with or without an account. Only meeting hosts are required to have an account. 


Participate in WebEx Meeting

A WebEx account is not required to participate in a meeting.

 Joining a WebEx Meeting  - Has details about being a participant with or without an account.  Hosts can share the article with participants who are new to WebEx.


Schedule or Host a Meeting

A WebEx account is required to host a meeting.

WebEx Guide

 Getting Started with WebEx  - This Guide will tell you how to Log in to WebEx, Start a Meeting, Connect your Audio, download the desktop app, and more.

More information on Hosting

 Inside the WebEx Meeting Center - Account Management features; Scheduling, starting, or joining a meeting; Using your personal room

 Hosting a WebEx meeting - How to effectively host a WebEx meeting

Managing your WebEx recordings- How to manage your recorded videos in WebEx


 For further support or to request a WebEx account, contact the IT Support Center
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