Course Registration

 Please refer to the Academic Calendar for all Registration Periods, Refund Deadlines, Fee Payment Deadlines, Drop for Non-Payment Dates and other important information.  


How to register for classes

You can find important information about finding and registering for classes on the following page:
 Register for Classes 



How to drop a class

If you'd like to drop a class, first read Important Facts About Dropping A Class

Columbus State strongly advises you speak to both your academic advisor and a Student Services specialist to ensure that you have fully considered your options and their impact. Contact information for these areas can be found below.



  • To chat with a Student Services specialist, visit the Student Central or Delaware Student Services pages for online chat hours.
  • To talk with a specialist, call the Telephone Information Center (TIC). Visit the TIC page for hours of operation.
  • To contact an Academic advisor, find the appropriate advising office on the Academic Advising page.


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