Employee Printing: Print to Campus from Home


Employees have the ability to print to a campus printer from home.

This is done by connecting to a virtual desktop from home and using the virtual desktop to print a document to the Employee FollowMe printer. The FollowMe printer will hold the document in the print queue (for up to 24 hours) until the employee goes to campus to release the document for printing. 



From Home:

  1. Connect to a Virtual Desktop.
    For more information on this, see the article Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  2. Print your document to the FollowMe on emprint printer.
    For more information on this, see the article Employee Printing on Windows
  3. Your document now will wait in the FollowMe print queue until you go to a campus printer and release the print job.
    The document will only stay in the queue for 24 hours before it is automatically deleted.

On Campus:

  1. Go to an available printer on campus.
  2. Log in to the printer.
  3.  Select the print job to release.
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