Wi-Fi: Set up a Verizon Mobile Hotspot

What is a Mobile Hotspot?

A mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device is a pocket sized mobile router, which provides a wireless internet connection using the 4G signals from a network provider. With the signal that the hotspot creates, you can connect your computer to the internet. This will enable you to set up your own private internet connection anywhere.

How do I connect to the Hotspot?

  1. Once you have received your hotspot, make sure to install the battery that comes with it. Depending on how much charge the battery comes with you may need to charge the device before turning it on.
  2. Once charged, press the Power button (located below the Verizon logo) to illuminate the display.

  3. Once lit, press the power button twice to view the Wi-Fi name.

  4. Press the power button once more to view the Password.

  5. To connect your device to the hotspot, select the hotspot's Wi-Fi Name in the list of available wireless networks (image shown of Windows 10) and enter the Password.


Tips for using the Hotspot

The Columbus State provided hotspots have Unlimited Data through Verizon but the connection speed slows down after 2.5 GB per month.

In Windows 10, you can set as metered connection to limit data usage.

See Microsoft's support page for more: Metered Connection in Windows 10


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