How to Give Proxy Access to My Account

How Do I Give Authorized or “Proxy” Access to My Account?

If you are giving someone Proxy Access, you are giving them shared access to part of your account. To remove someone's access, see Remove Access section below.

  1. Log in to Self Service for Students:
  2. Under User Options on the left, click on View/Add Proxy Access.
    user options drop down open showing "View/add proxy access" menu item
  3. At the bottom of the page, in the Select a Proxy box, select Add Another User. When you do, you will be asked to enter information about the person to whom you’re giving partial account access. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field.
    Arrow pointing to "Add another user" selected from proxy selection box
  4. Choose how much access you want to share (read more in What Access Am I Giving below)
    1. Allow Complete: gives your “proxy” access to all information.
    2. Allow Select: lets you choose specific information to share
      Access screen showing access selection options
  5. Check the Disclosure Agreement and Submit. You will be asked to re-enter your password.
  6. Click Continue when the Search Results box appears.
  7. Your Proxy will receive an email within 5 business days. Once they receive it, they will be able to view any information from your account that you’ve allowed, using their own login information.

How do I Renew Proxy Access?

Proxy access will need to be renewed annually or it will expire. You will be notified when it is time to renew.

  1. Click the Review Disclosure Agreement button.
  2. Read the Disclosure Agreement, check the box for authorization, and click Save. This will give the person the same access that you most recently gave them.

How Do I Change or Remove Proxy Access?

  1. If you need to change or take away proxy access, log in to Self-Service - Proxy Access (See steps 1-2 above)
  2. Under Active Proxies, click on the pencil on the line that you want to edit.
    pencil tool highlighted
  3. There you can Allow Complete Access, Remove All Access, or Allow Select Access to choose which specific information the proxy will be able to see
    Access section highlighted

What Access Am I Giving?


What about my Schedule? To give access to your schedule, give access to Account Activity. The account statement includes your schedule.


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