Sharing Video (with Audio) in WebEx

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In a WebEx meeting, when I share my screen to play a video, the participants cannot hear the audio.



In order to share the video so participants can hear the audio, you must have the video file saved locally on your computer (mp4 format recommended) and share the File rather than sharing your screen



Once you have the file saved locally then follow these instructions to share:

  1. Have everyone in the meeting (including yourself) mute themselves so there is no echo
  2. In the  WebEx meeting, click the Share icon at the bottom
  3. Scroll down to Share File, mouse-over and click Share

  4. Browse to where the video is saved on your computer and select it to share

  5. Everyone will then be able to see the video, and the person sharing will see playback controls at the bottom to play/pause playback for everyone
  6. When you are done with the video, click the drop-down at the top that says "Sharing " and your video name
  7. Then click the x in the pop up beneath it to close out the video


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