Insight Teacher Console

Generate class list

– do this anytime class enrollment changes (students add or drop)

  1. Open up the 1099 course in Blackboard
  2. Go to Course Tools > Generate Insight Class List (Should be available in all 1099 classes)

  3. Click on Create Class List button

  4. This will generate a .lsc file automatically named, [name of class][date].lsc, and automatically saved to the Downloads folder. Note: this file will give you an error if you try to open it directly.
  5. Make a folder for the 1099 Classlist on your network Home Directory (S:) and copy the .lsc file there so you can find it later



Load class list into Insight Teacher Console

– do this at the beginning of each class

  1. Open Insight Teacher Console

  2. Go to Class List > Manual Class List...

  3. Open the class list
    1. Click Open
    2. Select the saved .lsc file from your S:\ 1099 Classlist Folder
    3. Confirm the students loaded in the list area
    4. Click Close

  4. Set class to Automatically dismiss, then Start Class
    1. Select whether you would like to dismiss at a certain time, and set the end time
    2. Or select to dismiss X minutes from now, and enter the number of minutes
    3. Click Start Class

  5. Then you will see the students' monitors start to load in the main console screen



Additional Notes

To clear the class from the Console, go to

Class List > Dismiss Current Class

(Signing off the computer will also dismiss the class)

If someone add or drops the class, the class list will have to be regenerated from Blackboard as described in step 1 above.

If there is a student in your class who isn’t in the Blackboard class yet, you can manually add their user

  1. Go to Class List > Manual Class List...
  2. Click Add... tosearch for students
  3. Select Save to update the .lsc file



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