Chromebook Setup

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Before you begin

  • Plug in your charger.
    The battery won't be charged when you first receive your Chromebook.
  • Make sure you are within the range of a wireless network.
    If the wireless network is password-protected, make sure you have the password on hand.
  • If you have a Google Account, make sure you have the login information ready.
    If you don't have a Google Account, you will be able to create one during setup.


View this interactive tutorial from Google: Set up your Chromebook.

  1. Open your Chromebook and turn it on.
  2. On the Welcome screen, click the Let’s go button.

  3. Choose your wireless network from the list. If applicable, enter your password to connect.

     If you recieved a CSCC iPhone to use as a Hotspot, see How to Setup an iPhone as a Hotspot so you can connect to it in this step.
  4. Read through the Terms of service and click Accept and continue if you agree.
  5. It will check for updates, then pull up a sign-in screen.
  6. Google Account: The Google account you use will be registered as the owner account and have all admin privileges.
    1. If you already have a Google account, log in with your account information (email address and password).
    2. To create a Google account, click the More Options box and choose Create Account.

      Follow the prompts as directed:
  • Enter your name. Click Next.
  • Enter your birthday and gender.  Click Next.
  • Choose or create an email address. Click Next.
  • Create a password. Click Next.
  • Add a phone number to your account and click Yes I’m in OR choose Skip.
  • Review your account info. Click Next.
  1. Once signed in, you will be informed of what automatically syncs on your Chromebook. To review these options later, check the box for Review sync options following setup. Click Accept and Continue to proceed.
  2. Read the Google Play terms of service. Click I Agree to proceed. You can uncheck use location or the Google drive backup, but it is not recommended.
  3. Once you sign in you will be taken to the desktop and you are ready to start using your system.




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