Cornerstone Learning: Training for Employees

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  1. Sign in to Cornerstone
  2. Mouse-over Learning Menu (don't click) for the submenu to show

    learning submenu
    1. Learner Home
      Overview of your learning history: Completions and Suggestions

    2. Learning Search
      Search for trainings by name and use filters to narrow down results

      image of learning search page with filters on the left side of the page

    3. View Your Transcript
      View and manage active, completed, and archived courses 
      From here you can Launch online trainings and view certificates of completion


    4. Events Calendar
      View the events calendar to see all upcoming events

      image of events calendar

    5. College Core Competencies
      Learn more about Columbus State's Core Competencies


    6. Browse for Training
      Browse through the list of trainings by: Newest, Popular, Suggested, Featured

  3. For more detailed support information, click on Help Resources Center then myPLAN for Learning

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