Connect Your Device for Presenting

In a room with device mirroring capability, you will see an Extron panel near the display, similar to the one below, with TABLET as an optionExtron display panel with an arrow to "ON" and an arrow to "Tablet"

  1. Press the ON button to turn the display on
  2. Select TABLET to select the mirroring device to show on the display
  3. You will see a screen similar to this on your display, look in the lower left for the information needed to connect. You will see a website to visit and a code used to connectimage showing on TV in UN017. In the lower left there is highlighted text telling you where to visit and the code.

Note: the code will change to a new random number every time you use it.

  1. Make sure your device is on the CSCC or CSCC-Visitor wireless, then put the website into a browser on your device
  2. Click the big, blue Start Presenting button
    AirMedia 2 window with a blue "Start Presenting" button
  3. If you have already installed the AirMedia software on your device, the software will now launch
  4. Otherwise, install the software for your device and connect to the mirroring device following the instructions that appear on your screen

​​​​​​​For details on installation and setup for your type of device, click on the proper link below:

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