Self-Service: Set up Payment Plan

  1. Log in to Self-Service for students
  2. Go to Student Finance then click Make a Payment
    Student Finance highlighted with account summary opened in foreground
  3. Select Create Payment Plan
    Make a payment window open with payment info showing and an arrow to "Create payment plan" button in blue on the bottom right
  4. Select Student Payment Due and Continue
    Create payment plan window open with student payment selected and a continue button on the bottom right
  5. Review the auto-generated Payment Plan Schedule, which splits the amount due into monthly payments, including a downpayment due at time of agreement
    Arrow pointing out the top payment is what's due "Today", and the rest are monthly payments
    Note: there is a $25 late fee if any payments are late, and a $15 setup charge to set up the payment plan
    Table shows late fee and setup charge
  6. If you are satisfied with the plan, check the box to agree to terms and conditions at the bottom, and click Continue
    Payment plan terms and conditions showing, with "I agreeā€¦" box checked at the bottom and a continue button in blue
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