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WELCOME to the Legal Office TD Service Page

The Legal Office service page is your access point for Legal Office information and work request forms.

The Legal Office provides advice and representation to Columbus State Community College. The General Counsel and Legal Office are responsible for counsel to and the coordination of legal matters involving the Board of Trustees and officers and employees acting on behalf of Columbus State.

The Legal Office responsibilities include:

  • Providing legal advice and consultation on legal-policy issues
  • Overseeing litigation involving the College
  • Consultation on a variety of legal services including employment matters, regulatory compliance, public records, subpoenas, and contract review
  • Providing training and workshops in areas such as ethics, FERPA, and public records.

The Columbus State Legal Office does not provide legal advice or representation to individual members of the College on personal legal matters. The Legal Office does not provide legal advice to students.

This website is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice.

To request legal services, follow the appropriate link below...

Legal Services Request - For internal purposes only

Please be aware that your submission and the legal office correspondence may contain confidential information, and any use or disclosure is subject to state and federal privacy laws.